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Annie's Workshops

May Dates
May 24th Friday Carol's Corner 6-9pm
y 25th Saturday Block Of The Month with Gail 1-4pm $30
May 26th Sunday Workshop 9-4pm $50
May 27th Monday Workshop 9-4pm $50
May 29th Wednesday Workshop 9-4pm $50 / 4-9pm $40


June Dates

June 5th Wednesday Workshop 9-4pm $50

June 7th Friday Workshop 9-4pm $50 / 4-9pm $40

June 9th Sunday Workshop 9-4pm $50

June 10th Monday Workshop 9-4pm $50

June 11th Tuesday Carol's Corner 9-12pm $30

June 12th Wednesday Block Of The Month with Gail 9-12pm $30

June 19th Wednesday Workshop 9-4pm $50 / 4-9pm $40

June 20th Thursday Block Of The Month with Gail 1-4pm $30

June 21st Friday Workshop 9-4pm $50 / 4-9pm $40

June 21st Friday Carol's Corner 6-9pm $30

June 22nd Saturday Block Of The Month with Gail 9-12pm $30

June 23rd Sunday Workshop 9-4pm $50

June 24th Monday Workshop 9-4pm $50

June 25th Tuesday Carol's Corner 1-4pm $30

June 26th Wednesday Workshop 9-4pm $50 / 4-9pm $30

Our Workshops
We enjoy a day of sewing and socal in a small group setting. If you are looking for a hand on something or just need the motivation to get started this is the class for you!

Carol's Corner
If you enjoy hand quilting or hand piecing this is the class for you. Miss.Carol is the sweetest with the most experience we have seen in everything handmade with fabric! Whether you want to try Big Stitch or English Paper Piecing even Hand Embroidery to Colouring on Fabric she is the Quilter for you!

Block Of The Month with Gail 
The Underground Railroad book has been this years block  the month with our teacher Gail who has been with us since day one! She is an experienced quilter and sewer growing up with a mother as a seamstress. We started the block challenge in January but there is still tons of time to still join! Contact us for more information.

Block Of The Month with Ashley 
The Lori Holt Vintage Christmas has been on a lot of our bucket lists to do for some time now. Well Ashley is with you on that one! Let's take on this sampler quilter together, and tackle the highs and lows of small piecing and scrap picking. Still plenty of time to do before Christmas 2024!

Rag Quilt Class Beginner 101 with Ashley
You want to try your hand at machine quilting and haven't ever used a sewing machine or it's been years? Well here is the class for you! Learn right from square one on how to cut right to finishing your very own quilt! Contact us for further info. Sewing machine and fabric required. All other supplies will be provided for first time quilters/sewers.

Carol's EPP Wall Sampler
Our wonderful Carol has created her very own English Paper Piecing Wall Hanging! We are so excited to share this with you and letting you create this beautiful piece with the help of the designer herself.Contact the store for more information about class and supplies. 


Refresh On Fab Farm By E.Hartman with Ashley

Who has started this cute quilt and has yet to finish it? Or you might just want a hand with picking the fabrics, which is a job of its own. Contact us today for more information.


Sewing Equipments

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