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Bountiful Blooms 
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Annie's Workshops

Fall Workshop Dates

September 18th Monday 9-4pm $40

Retreat DATES

September 22nd Friday 9-4pm $40 / 4-9pm $30

September 23rd Saturday 9-4pm $40 / 4-9pm $30

September 24th Sunday 9-4pm $40 / 4-9pm $30

September 25th Monday 9-4pm $40 / 4-9pm $30

Full package includes Friday & Satruday night dinner

with a full 9-9pm day for 4 days - $250 per person 

potluck optional on Sunday - leftovers always Monday

Fall Workshop Dates

October 4th Wednesday 9-4pm $40 / 4-9pm $30

October 18th Wednesday 9-4pm $40 / 4-9pm $30

October 22nd Sunday 9-4pm $40

October 23rd Monday 9-4pm $40

October 27th Friday 9-4pm $40 / 4-9pm $30

October 30th Monday 9-4pm $40

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